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"Serving People Is Our Purpose"

Health how to buy amazon shares in south africa Resources of Arkansas, Inc. (HRA), is a private, non-profit corporation with a 16-member volunteer board of directors. HRA was originally established in 1969 as the North Central Arkansas Mental Health Clinic, Inc. With a budget of approximately $30,000, clinics were established in three major cities. In 1974, the corporation became a comprehensive program serving ten counties and the name was changed to North Central Arkansas Community Mental Health Center, Inc. In 1977, the center became the first community mental health center to receive a rural health initiative grant to develop primary health care services in six counties. The center's development of residential treatment services of adolescents began that same year. In 1978, the center began the early stages of a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program and a residential/detoxification program for alcohol abuse was established. In 1979, due to these and other expansions in the area of human service delivery, the center's name was changed to North Arkansas Human Services System, Inc. In 2002, the agency once again felt that a change was needed and in early 2003, the name was changed to Health Resources of Arkansas, Inc.

The alcohol how to invest in amazon from south africa abuse treatment program, now known as the Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center, expanded into a comprehensive program for the treatment of both alcohol and other substance abuse. The Mills Center became the first free-standing, licensed medical detoxification program in Arkansas.

The established investing in amazon south africa primary care program became a separate corporation in the mid 1980's and was named White River Rural Health Center, Inc. It is now one of the largest community health programs in the state.

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) gave HRA an initial, three-year accreditation in 1996. That accreditation was extended for another three years in 1999 and again in 2002. The accreditation shows that all of the agency's programs meet or exceed national quality of care standards.

Our Philosophy & Purpose

It is the purpose of Health Resources of Arkansas, Inc. (hereinafter also referred to as HRA) to provide the highest quality, most effective, and least costly comprehensive care to mentally ill and emotionally disturbed individuals within it's catchment area. In addition, HRA intends to fill in "gaps" that may be discovered in the present human service delivery system including physical health screening, primary health care, mental retardation services, services to senior citizens and youth and other areas of need that may emerge from the Corporation's continuing assessment of human need.

HRA believes that the most effective and humane form of care for the majority of individuals is a system of community-based treatment facilities located in close proximity to the client's home. HRA intends that care be provided at the lowest necessary level of intensity. Where outpatient treatment is adequate and effective, more costly partial hospitalization or inpatient services (for example) are to be avoided.

We are committed to provide comprehensive services to all people in our service area. These services shall include inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, emergency/crisis intervention, specialized services for children and the elderly, consultation and education (including sexual abuse prevention and treatment), pre-admission screening, follow-up care (aftercare), substance abuse and transitional halfway-house services, case management, community– based rehabilitation, and community housing.

Within the limits of its capacity, HRA shall provide services to all persons regardless of ability to pay, past or current health conditions, or any other factor. HRA believes that an on-going quality improvement program is essential to the evolution of ever higher standards and practices of treatment, and shall consist of peer review, utilization review, individual case review, effectiveness/efficiency of services review, outcome measures review, clinical record review, customer satisfaction surveys, referral source satisfaction studies, staff development/satisfaction and facility safety and maintenance. The evaluation effort shall encompass structural, process, and outcome measurement. The corporation shall assure the development, maintenance, and improvement of an integrated clinical records system designed to guarantee confidentiality to the clients, yet which makes readily available past and current health status information to appropriate professional staff.

HRA pledges itself to coordinate its activities with other local health and social service agencies, to make its services readily available to local health professionals and others on a 24-hour per day, seven day per week basis where clinically necessary, and to provide all services in a manner which preserves human dignity, assures continuity of care, and guarantees high quality care.

We at Health Resources of Arkansas, Inc. want to serve people and our community by providing the best quality mental health care available. The following guiding principles form the foundation, structure, and operation of our system of care.

We believe that all persons have the right to receive help regardless of age, sex, race, religion, handicap, or financial status.

We seek to provide services to the people within our communities - where they live, work, and play - rather than offering treatment which disrupts their lives and removes them from their natural support systems.

We seek to keep people in their natural environment and out of institutional settings by providing a full-range of services and housing options.

We believe in immediately and thoroughly responding to any and all requests for help.

In order to keep people in their natural environment, we believe it is essential to involve the client and significant others (e.g. family, friends, schools, other health care professionals, etc.) in the development and implementation of the plan of care. We are responsible for initiating and maintaining services which are developed specific to the needs of the individual.

Under all circumstances and at all times all people, whether they be family members, members of the community, "clients", or others are to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. 

Company Profile

HRA is a member of:
Mental Health Corporations Of America, Inc.
Mental Health Council of Arkansas


Officers for HRA are:


                                                                        Jim West                                           David Coleman


James "Jim" West, Chief Executive Officer; David Coleman, Chief Operating Officer; Carol Gifford, VP of Corporate Services; Bernis Medlock, VP of Financial Management; Sue Lamons, VP of Promotional Services; Joe Don Reynolds, VP of Property Management; Dr. Tammy Alexander, VP of Clinical Services; Marty Higley, VP of Quality & Compliance Services; and James "Jim" Clark, VP of Addiction Treatment Services/Director of the Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center.


Contact Information

(870) 793-8900
(870) 793-4258
Postal address  
P.O. Box 2578  (#25 Gap Road)
Batesville, AR  72503


General Information:



DISCLAIMER:  Please consult your local doctor, behavioral health care provider or substance abuse treatment center for information regarding SPECIFIC cases.  This website is intended for informational purposes only and is NOT staffed by professionals.  We are unable to respond to any contacts regarding personal case information.  If you are a resident of Cleburne, Fulton, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Sharp, Stone, Van Buren, White or Woodruff counties in Arkansas and are in need of help, please call the clinic nearest you directly.  If you are a resident of Crittenden, Cross, Lee, Monroe, Phillips or St. Francis counties in Arkansas, please contact the clinic nearest you.








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